Sunday, October 17, 2010

N: so beautiful, so fun THE SLIDESHOW


Thursday, October 14, 2010

N: so beautiful, so fun

I know I always say the same thing but I just adore to shoot teen girls.
Now is N's turn. This beautiful and fun girl took me to another beach to do her session. We planned everything weeks in advance, even the time we needed to be there to get to the caves before the high tide. The day was great so there we went... N, her mom, A one of her best friends, N's aunt and myself.
Her family has a beautiful home by the beach and we started over there. Then we moved to the family's finca near the beach. What a beautiful place! N's aunt takes very good care of that place it is full of details everywhere you turn. Of course it rained, no actually it poured but it wouldn't be a shoot in Panama without a little bit of rain, right? but as always after the sky fell down we had a great afternoon and the light by the end of the day was simply gorgeous.
I loved this session, I have a lot in common with N, she loves black and white clothes and photography just like me! She's my kind of girl!
I have to thanks all the people that worked so hard to make this shoot a perfect one. N's mom, her friend and aunt were fantastic and they all helped me to get the images we got.
M, it was great meeting you, thanks for the good talk and for sharing your girl with me.
Here is this sneak peek that I know you girls are waiting impatiently, the rest will be ready soon.
I hope you love them as much as I do.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The S Family

Meet the S Family. I visited them at their home a few days ago. As soon as I got there we started to work. Our mission? get nice photos foe Christmas cards and presents.
Mom and Dad were a little bit nervous at the beginning of the session but once we started they felt more comfortable, but nervous and all they were awesome and were up for anything. Mr. H is such a nice boy and so talented. Rarely you get to see people that can transform themselves so easily and Mr. H is one of those. He is a great actor and he loves it, later I found he is in all the school plays every year. I enjoyed him a lot, another of his favorite things is wrestling and he has a great collection of masks, capes and belts that he shared with my lens.
A you have a beautiful home and a great family. Thanks for having me.
Here are a few of your photos, the rest will be ready soon.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

A and her First Communion dress

A is doing her First communion next week and we went out to shoot some photos of her to celebrate this important event in her life.
As you can see A is a beautiful girl but she also is very photogenic and a very sweet and nice girl, she was up for everything. I had a great time photographing her and talking to her too.
I also met her brothers that are 2 super handsome teens, just look at the photo of that good looking trio! and yes they are also very nice kids which doesn't surprise me as their mom is one of the nicest persons I have met lately. And if you know me, you know I can't help shooting a cute dog model so here is one too.

When we were done with the First Communion dress I enjoyed shooting A in her ballet costume because she also is a talented ballerina.
See why I love my job?

A and A thanks for an afternoon full of beautiful light, great photos and a good talk.
I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek, your gallery will be ready soon.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

M the slideshow


Saturday, October 02, 2010

M the power of a smile

I LOVE to work with girls in this age group, they are not girls anymore, but they still have this childish look, they are not adults either but sometimes it is hard to remember they are only 15.
It is very interesting talking to them, getting to know them and their moms too.

I went with M and her mom to a place near the city, it is called Cerro Azul, the perfect place to have a mountain home as it is close enough to get there super fast but away enough to feel you left the city behind.

As usual mom drove and I was looking for the perfect location to start shooting when BAM! there it was. An old rusted house that was abandoned, well there was a lady living in the maids room but she was OK with us shooting there and I was super glad she was ok as this house was the best location EVER. The floor was to die for, seriously it made an amazing backdrop, the walls were painted in a rusted mustard color that marched perfectly well with the floor, all this in the outside of the house!! can it get better? well yes! the light was superb, the day was overcast with a lot of low clouds that made this awesome diffused light... PERFECTION! we even had a death huge horrid tarantula for us to use as a prop LOL!!!
M let me stand beside it and she didn't warned me, bad girl! you can imagine how loud I scream when I noticed... Then we went to M's home by the lake WOW! beautiful location and a great model with a beautiful smile for me to have an awesome shooting day.

M & I Thanks for sharing with me this beautiful place and for all the good times and adventures!
I will let you know as soon as the gallery is ready.